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Menthol JuulTraditional menthol flavor with a brisk finish.Each JUULpod contains ~0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight.Buy Menthol Juul Pods Flavor Online Menthol JUUL pods are a breath of fresh air, offe..

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Menthol Juul

  • Traditional menthol flavor with a brisk finish.
  • Each JUULpod contains ~0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight.

Buy Menthol Juul Pods Flavor Online 

Menthol JUUL pods are a breath of fresh air, offering an icy smooth hit that will leave you satisfied. Unlike JUUL’s Mint flavor, Menthol gives a less sweet, cooler hit while still delivering a great throat hit.  Furthermore, you can order juul  flavors online at your taste. JUUL Menthol Pods. Pack of four or two JUUL pods. Menthol flavor. Each pod delivers around 200 puffs before it needs changing. JUUL pods contain 0.7ml of pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid.

Nowadays, people turn to ,misinterpret mint juul pods for menthol juul. They are quite similar but have a slight difference. Mint pod have a crisp flavor with a soothing taste after consumption, while menthol juul has gets the menthol flavor with a brisk finish. In addition, people get lost and they cant differentiate between fake pods and real ones. That is quite simple, the fake juul pods packaging has 4 dots on the top while the real Juul pod has its own company’s logo. Furthermore, fake Juul pods have harsh oil and e-juices. Their caps are brightly colored. For a sample, one flavor has an orange cap, wherein the real Juul pod there is yellow-orange.

Where to Buy Menthol Juul Pods in Bulk Online

Surely, there are many stores in the market where you can buy such flavored juul pods and other stuffs online. But the challenging task to verify whether the products they are delivering are genuine and of good quality or not. With us, you don’t need to worry about anything as we guarantee you to provide superior quality. This online dispensary shipping, where you buy everything online fast reliable and discrete. So now you can sit on your couch and place an order so that we can deliver everything to your doorsteps.


Nicotin Strength

0%, 3%, 5%

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